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Top Picks for Christmas Lights 2014

The Best Christmas Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Use 2014

The holidays are well upon us and one of the major signs of Christmas are strings of decorative lights both indoors and out. It is a longstanding tradition to put up Christmas lights on the outside of our┬áhouses, lining the roof, trees, or bushes with long strings of small lights, dating back to the 1800’s.

We also usually use strings of lights on the inside, decorating window frames, stairs, and of course the Christmas tree.

You might not give much thought to which Christmas lights you use, but choosing the best Christmas lights can do a lot to keep money in your wallet, and the lights on longer.

While Patio Lights Guide will generally focus on lighting tips, information and other resources for Patio lighting, we want to share some tips on getting the best Christmas lights this year. So enjoy the information below!

Top Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights generally take a lot more abuse compared to indoor lights, so they need to be more durable. To resit snow and ice, they should be waterproof. LED lights are generally the best pick for Christmas lights because they are durable, and energy efficient. While other lights (like incandescent) may be cheaper, they usually don’t last as long, and may use a lot more energy.

The Bethlehem Wide Angle LED lights are a great option, and come in white, colored, red, and several more options. They provide a steady light, and will generally last far longer than incandescent lights.

Another good option are the 5mm Conical lights by Christmas Designers. They have a wide variety of different colors to choose from, and these LED lights are a great price.

If you’re looking for something to really stand out, and provide a bit of patio lighting, the Bulbrite Outdoor String Lights with Globe Bulbs are bright and very stylish. These 25 foot long light strings provide a lot of light, and are for outdoor environments so they are quite durable as well. Check them out if you’re looking for something with a little extra style and light.


Top Indoor Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Lights
Best LED Christmas Lights

Now that we covered the outdoor lights, let’s go over some indoor lighting options. Indoor lights generally don’t need to be as durable as outdoor lights, and also last longer, and may be cheaper. LED light strings are the best choice theses days for their efficiency, and safety. An LED light is able to stay lit for hours without ever getting hot, which can happen to incandescent bulbs.

The White Colorite LED light set by GE on Amazon is a good basic choice for around the house decorating. The key features are the energy efficiency of these LED lights, and their long life span. LED lights can sometimes last for 20 years or more as long as they are properly cared for.

For colored lights, take a look at the Bethlehem Lighting LED String Lights which are currently $12 with free shipping on Amazon. These lights are about 25 feet long, and nice and bright. They can actually be used both indoor or outdoor, but we recommend keeping them inside to help them last longer. Energy savings with these LED lights is also a big plus.


Well that covers some of the best Christmas lighting options. Many stores have Christmas lights, but take the time to check if they are LED, and how many lights you get for the money. Christmas lights can get expensive if you put up a lot of them, but if you follow these tips you should save money over the long run with greater durability and efficiency.

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